Solving historical mysteries with ENVI spectral analysis
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Winter 2018

Solving Historical Mysteries with ENVI Spectral Analysis

Jefferson's Declaration of Independence showing how
Spectral analysis is usually thought of in relation to remote sensing data, but preservation specialists at the Library of Congress are using ENVI image analysis software to uncover new information about historic documents.

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The Ground Truth, the Whole Ground Truth, and Nothing But... Introducing Helios

Meet Helios
Helios provides fast and accurate localized ground weather intelligence to support improved decision making. Using a network of over 45,000 cameras, Helios ground truth analytics instantly analyze and filter content to detect street-level conditions. Helios then combines ground weather conditions with National Weather Service warnings and other relevant weather data to provide a complete weather picture.

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New Versions of ENVI and IDL Available

What's New in ENVI 5.5
Improve your geospatial image analysis and data visualization by upgrading to ENVI 5.5 and IDL 8.7. You won't want to miss out on the new features, performance improvements, additional data support, and general maintenance fixes.
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Introducing ENVI Opticalscape – Take Your DSMs to the Next Level

Digital Surface Model
ENVI Opticalscape gives you the ability to generate the highest quality Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and orthorectified images possible from either UAV data and/or satellite stereo imagery. Both ENVI Opticalscape modules - Spaceborne and UAV - are based on the most advanced algorithms and give you access to the industry's leading tools for imagery preparation and data fusion.
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NASA Interns Use ENVI and IDL for Research

SARP 2017 Students, Mentors, Faculty Advisors, and Pilots
NASA sends a group of student interns up in a research aircraft during its summer program to get hands-on experience conducting scientific campaigns. As a NASA partner, Harris Geospatial Solutions provides ENVI and IDL licenses to support the eight-week Student Airborne Research Program (SARP).

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Call for Speakers at EAS 2018

Want to be seen as an analytics expert and gain recognition and exposure? Submit to speak at the 2018 ENVI Analytics Symposium (EAS) taking place in Denver, CO on August 21-23. Now is your chance to talk about your innovative analytical work to more than 200 ENVI users and analytic thought leaders.

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National Defense - Artificial Intelligence to Sort Through ISR Data Glut
Will Rorrer of Harris is included in an article about how the U.S. military and intelligence community are banking on machine learning and advanced computing technologies.

Harris - Providing the foundation for North Carolina's emergency management planning
Read about how Geiger-mode LiDAR is being used in North Carolina to build emergency management plans.