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Fall 2017

Denver Never Looked So Good!

Quality control check to ensure errors are fixed
Since 2004, Harris Geospatial Solutions has worked with Denver Regional Council of Governments on a quality control program for its Denver Regional Aerial Photography Project. See how the team of photogrammetric experts ensure data quality for this and other large-scale mapping projects.

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Who Knew? Island Heat Isn't Necessarily a Good Thing

India NDWI
Harris Geospatial Solutions has teamed up with CloudEO to offer a GeoService to gain insights into the impacts of Urban Heat Islands. Read the blog, and be sure to join the webinar talking about this GeoService, as well as how to develop and deploy your own GeoService in the CloudEO store.

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T&D Inspection and Maintenance Benchmarking Report

Utility Assessment
Harris Geospatial Solutions recently conducted a survey to gather market research on how utility companies collect and manage imagery and data for Transmission and Distribution Inspection and Maintenance. See how your organization compares.
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Predictive Analytics in Geospatial Intelligence and Why Data is Now the Most Valuable Resource in the World

The most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil, it's data. Like oil, data in its raw form is valuable not for what it is, but what we can turn it into. Watch this recorded presentation from the 2017 ENVI Analytics Symposium to learn how predictive analytics can help us find new answers.

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Harris Geospatial’s Mapping Experts Have Some Advice for

To make sure Amazon gets on solid ground before building their second headquarters, Rob Eadie, Harris Geospatial Data Products Account Manager, discusses the importance of high-quality, as-built survey and mapping of construction sites.

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