ENVI® Crop Science in Action When a Florida strawberry grower noticed that areas in his field were dying...
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ENVI® Crop Science in Action

Detect Plant Stress and Target Remediation
When a Florida strawberry grower noticed that areas in his field were dying, Highland Precision Ag put ENVI Crop Science on the case to investigate. ENVI Crop Science was used to detect stressed vegetation and help identify the culprit so remediation could be targeted and effective.
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Before You Dig, Dive into the Data

Mineral Excavation
Learn how a Chilean consulting company uses ENVI and remotely sensed imagery to help their clients identify areas for mineral exploration prior to investing resources on the ground.
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Looking to Purchase Geospatial Data?

Harris Geospatial Marketplace
The Harris Geospatial Marketplace, the next generation of MapMart.com, is the leading reseller of imagery from all the major satellite providers, offering access to current high-resolution data, off-the-shelf archived data, and readily available data delivered within a single business day.
In addition to the data and imagery offerings, the Harris Geospatial Marketplace has photogrammetric experts standing by to fulfill your most exacting project requirements within a short timeframe. Contact us today to get a quote for your specific project.

Esri Imaging and Mapping Forum, July 8-11

Esri Imaging & Mapping Forum
You won't want to miss this unique forum where you'll get an up-close look at capturing and mapping technologies using imaging, LiDAR, 3D, drone technology, multidimensional analysis, and modeling. 
Harris Geospatial Solutions’ Rebecca Lasica is presenting on "Integrating Imagery, Science, and the Connected Desktop", Saturday at 12:45 PM. And stop by the Harris booth (#M215) to see how our geospatial data, analytics, and custom solutions can provide you with meaningful insights for a smarter GIS. 
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Don't Miss the 3rd Annual ENVI Analytics Symposium (EAS)

ENVI Analytic Symposium
This year's EAS will be held in Denver, Colorado, August 22-24, and will draw industry experts from around the world to discuss the future of analytics.
EAS offers a unique opportunity to interact with fellow thought leaders and practitioners, tune into current trends, and influence where the industry is headed. That's why we limit attendance to just 200 people – to maintain a high level of interaction and participation. Register today before it's too late!
See what trade and industry publications have to say about our technologies in our Press Room.

Frame Blog - Running Harris ENVI in the Cloud on Frame
See how companies like Frame are using ENVI in the Cloud at GEOINT 2017.

SpaceNews - Harris-exactEArth Partnership Promises Minute-By-Minute Ship Tracking
Harris Corp. and Canada's exactEarth are establishing a space-based constellation of more than 60 maritime-tracking sensors to enable government and commercial...

AAPG - Geiger Mode LIDAR: Taking 3D Surface Mapping to Breathtaking New Levels of Resolution
Imagine a Google Earth image, but with much higher resolution and combined with analytics that make new relationships and surface information clear...